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  • MACHINERY, HAY & STORAGE BUILDINGS   [click for more information]
    Winkler machinery storage buildings are designed to help keep your equipment protected from environmental wear and tear, helping to your valuable equipment maintain its value.

    Our hay storage buildings help you protect your hay from the elements, and our venting options help to allow for ample airflow.  Hay shelters can be ordered with or without ends.

  • LIVESTOCK BUILDINGS  [click for more information]
    G & M Sales of Virginia is pleased to provide dairy producers with premium dairy structures built to fit your Alley-Way design.  Our buildings feature the right amount of airflow with your choice of Ridge vents; End wall Vents; Lowering/ Raising Curtains; or Raising & Lowering Doors.

    The Winkler hog barns feature a two winch system for raising and lowering doors working to assist in venting the barns. Use the lowering door to vent the building, and the raising door as a cleaning entrance.

  • EQUESTRIAN BUILDINGS - HORSE BARNS  [click for more information]
    A Winkler horse riding arena is comprised of a 12oz white/white cover, allowing for plenty of natural light, decreasing shadows. Winkler Structures are quiet, even in the rain.  Venting, Doors and other options are available.

    Our stall barns are K-Style buildings that are 30' wide SAS Free Standing Buildings, built with a straight leg.  Venting, Doors and other options are available.  The 12oz white/White cover provides natural light, decreases shadows, and is quiet.

    The Winkler run-in shelter can be ordered with mesh vents at the back, and with dirt flap.  This building is anchored down securely using Winkler's system of auger anchors.  Available sizes for our run-in shelters range from 10-12' wide cabins to SAS and TAS Style Barns and Free Standing Buildings.

  • COMMERCIAL/INDUSTRIAL BUILDINGS  [click for more information]
    Winkler commercial buildings combine Allied Steel's Gatorshield(r) Galvanized Tubing with the option to epoxy coat to aid in withstanding the harsh conditions of storing your sand, salt, or fertilizer bags.  Winches are bolted on the outside of the building to keep them away from corrosive materials.

  • ROUND PENS [click for more information]
    You asked, Winkler delivered!  Round Pens with 68' wide outside diameter provide: Superior natural lighting; Ventilation; Year-round comfort for riding and training in a safe, distraction-free environment!



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