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    Frequently Asked Questions
How long will the cover last?
The cover has UV inhibitors that protect the cover from the harmful sunlight. If the cover is kept tight (done easily using ratchets that keep the cover taut) 20 years is a very reasonable life expectancy. Early covers were made of 6 oz material and there are many of them still in use that are 20 years old. New buildings come standard with a 12 oz cover. 

Why is a canvas building better?
The interior environment of the canvas building makes it a great building for many uses. Natural lighting, clear span construction, airy environment, and long life are just a few reasons to choose a Winkler Canvas structure. Imagine never again turning a light on in the daytime and never having dark shadows or corners to contend with! People and animals are more comfortable in a Winkler Canvas building that is cooler in the summer, warmer in the winter, and more pleasing year round. 

How much does it cost to replace the cover?
Typically the cover costs between 15% and 20% of the cost of the building kit. For example, a 50’ x 98’ barn kit is $25,800 and the replacement cover for that barn is $4400. Generally, the cover costs about 10% of the cost of the finished building when all costs are accounted for. 

How often do I have to tighten the cover?
Normally you will have to tighten the cover once about a year after it is installed. Once the “stretch” is out of the cover material it won’t need to be tightened again. And tightening is easy as well. Even covers on huge buildings can be tightened in about half an hour. 

Do you have buildings that aren’t so tall?
The strength of the arch comes from the height. If we were to make a flatter arch it would need to be much heavier and therefore be much more expensive. Don’t think of it as space you don’t need ….think of it as space that you have if you ever do need it!!! And that height will aid in the ventilation and airiness of your Winkler Canvas building as well. 

Do you have a warranty?
Yes! Our frames are warranted for 5 years against defects in materials and workmanship and the covers have a 15 year pro-rated warranty against deterioration. It does not cover physical damage or weather damage beyond normal expected conditions. 

Do Winkler Canvas structures have engineering stamps?
Any Winkler Canvas truss building can be engineered for your local building codes if required for a small additional fee. Single pipe buildings cannot be engineered where local jurisdictions require stamped drawings. Our truss buildings are designed by engineers to meet building codes over most of North America, and in extreme cases we can alter our basic design to meet local requirements. In 25 years of manufacturing truss buildings Winkler Canvas has never had a frame failure due to snow, ice or wind (except for tornados), and we are working hard to maintain our perfect record. 

If I get a hole in the cover can you fix it?
Yes, we can. Your local dealer can heat-weld a patch that is as strong as the original cover. Also, we have “stick-on” patches that can be applied by the owner, as well. 

What sizes do the buildings come in?
Our buildings range from 12’ to 130’ wide by whatever length you need. We pride ourselves on have the ability to have a building to fit your needs. While we have standard widths, we can usually find a way to fit a building to your specific needs. Buildings can be any length provided that they are at least square. In other words, a 50 foot wide building needs to be at least 50’ long to maintain structural integrity.  

I have a windy location. Will it stand up to the wind?
When properly installed our covers should not move except in the most extreme wind conditions. If you see the cover flap even slightly in a normal “March wind” then it probably needs to be tightened. Our truss buildings typically are engineered to a 90 MPH wind load, and canvas buildings originated in the upper mid-west portion of North America, one of the windiest places in the world. 

What colors can I get?
We have a full range of colors to choose from. Most customers choose white for the predominant color of the main cover due to its superior light transmitting and heat reflecting properties. However, we can mix and match other colors for stripes, endwalls, doors, etc. Available colors include white, green, blue, tan, red, and silver. 

Can I put it up myself?
About half of the buildings we sell are customer installed, especially the smaller structures. Most people with at least some construction experience can erect the kits without any problems. It requires simple hand tools such as wrenches and drills, and a basic knowledge of what the final product should look like. We are available to provide technical assistance if needed and have directed many customers through problems over the phone. 

What can I use it for?
Our canvas buildings are extremely versatile and can be utilized for almost any non-heated application. The height of the structures assures good ventilation if steps are taken in the design of the building to allow hot air to escape out the top of the building, and the translucent cover allows superior natural lighting without the expense of electric lights. Popular applications include animal housing, arenas, storage including agricultural, industrial and commercial, protected workspaces, and commercial and public pavilions. 











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